Roses are peaking at the Centennial Garden

Modern ever-blooming roses, while flowering throughout summer, tend to exhibit several cyclic seasonal peaks when most or all of the rose bushes are blooming at the same time. These peaks generally occur in early summer (June), mid-summer (mid- to late-July), and autumn (September-October). These are the most spectacular times to visit the Centennial Rose Garden.

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The rose bushes in the Centennial Garden are now entering the spring peak of the annual blooming cycle. Most varieties are currently in full bloom and will remain so for several more days.

Right now the garden is in the middle of the spring peak –urged along by the several warm days we have experienced recently. Nearly all of the hybrid teas and grandifloras, floribundas and miniatures are in stunning full bloom. The Centennial Garden maintenance team has been working very hard this spring to bring the roses to this point. This year’s spring peak is especially dazzling – among the finest in many years.

So take an hour or so to visit the garden during the next few days. The garden is open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and is located directly east of the Schmidt House. Admission is free. Please enter by the gate next to the garden shed and don’t forget to close it when you leave. Be sure to bring your camera.

Gary A. Ritchie

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Artesian #81

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