December 7th History Talk: Tales From the Crypt

On December 7th we hosted our December History Talk titled “Tales From the Crypt”. We recorded the presentation (well, most of it) for those who were not able to attend in person. Our camera did not catch the first couple minutes of the first story, and it died about five minutes before the end of the talk, during the last Q&A portion for the last story. That being said, we did get about 55 minutes recorded for you to enjoy.

About This History Talk

The Masonic and Odd Fellows’ cemeteries in Tumwater are more than simply the repository of graves; they are the repository of history and stories, more than can be told in one sitting. Noted local historian Dennis Larsen speaks about a few of the more colorful interments: the Tilley family, spanning three generations from an 1852 wagon train to European royalty; Charles Grainger, Chief Leschi’s hangman; Myron Hawley Ranney, a Congressional Medal of Honor winner; Wittington Johnston Sayre and Ann M. Sayre, vigilantes who hanged a sheriff; and James Biles, the alleged ox killer.

January’s History Talk

Our next History Talk will be held on January 4th at noon in the Schmidt House, and it is titled “Gardening’s Past, Gardening’s Future”. We hope to see you there! The doors will open at 11:45am, and seating is first-come-first-served.

Picture of Artesian #81
Artesian #81

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