Oly Saves the Day in Death Valley

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From It’s the Water News, November 1971

Dear Folks,

I am nigh on to 70 years old and just returned from a trip which included parts of the Nevada and California deserts—no air conditioner and incredible temperatures of 105 degrees. I was accompanied by my little toy Pomeranian dog, Suzie, who was obviously about to succumb to the relentless heat—and so was I.

Due to being a poor “navigator,” we were off course and floundering through many unnecessary miles of hot desert and inadvertently landed in a place called Death Valley Junction—a heavenly oasis however, since it did offer a place to purchase a “survival kit”—two six-packs of Olympia Beer. Ice cold!

I didn’t follow the normal procedure of sitting on the roadside to consume them as tempting as it would seem (particularly since “Oly” has always been this ole’ gal’s favorite beverage!). Instead, I packed them under and around Suzie’s poor little wilted body and covered her and the assembled “Stubbies” with a jacket for insulation. Presto! The results were fantastic! Within minutes, she was revived and her happy self again.

At the risk of sounding disrespectful, I tossed two “Stubbies” in my driver’s seat and sat on them—not too unlike an old mother hen. And along with one tucked inside my blouse, we proceeded with at least a moderately comfortable “cooling system.”

Just though you would possibly like to be clued in on “Oly’s” lifesaving qualities of which you may not have been aware.

Be happy—ya hear?


Mrs. Hazel Davis

P.S. Need I relate the eventual usage of the above mentioned “Stubbies.”

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Artesian #81

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